Hung C. Tran is the man behind the lens at hctran photography.  Specializing in creating creative and unique images with a design photojournalism style, his photography is the perfect way to capture weddings, special events, or simply life's little, but nonetheless important, moments.  While more formal portraiture used to be de rigueur, especially when it came to wedding and engagement photography, there is now a much more distinct option when it comes to capturing these types of events.  For those looking for something beyond the ordinary and that encapsulates them as a couple, this San Diego wedding photographer is the answer when it comes to alternatives for conventional wedding photography.

While his images are both creative and distinct in their photojournalism style, they still provide a timeless tastefulness that all are sure to appreciate.  While it is important to capture the unique essence of the couples themselves, most people still want images that are classy and will be able to be looked at fondly for years to come.  hctran photography carefully creates this balance between modern and traditional, resulting in images that perfectly convey the personality of the couple and the many little details that make up the big day.

hctran photography is the perfect option for both weddings as well as engagements sessions.  We have all seen plenty of images of couples standing side by side, posing in front of some typical and expected backdrop.  However, this does not really allow the beauty of the couple and their love for each other to come through.  Hung C. Tran, instead, favors photojournalism in order to allow couples to truly be in the moment, enjoy themselves, and let their unique personalities shine through.  A picture where people are comfortable and acting like themselves make for some of the best and most memorable photographs and this unique San Diego wedding photographer specializes in capturing just that.

Photojournalism is a visual journey of the day itself as well as the special bond between the couple.  It tells the story in a way that is engaging, creative, and beautiful and is much more unique than more formal shots.  However, these unique photographs still retain plenty of elements of tradition so that they are tasteful enough to be enjoyed by everyone.  Conveying your special relationship while documenting every memorable detail of the day, hctran photography is an ideal, yet interesting, choice when it comes to chronicling your big day and all that led you there.

Posted on Apr 14, 2014
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by san diego wedding photographer hung c. tran with hctran photography by san diego wedding photographer hung c. tran with hctran photography

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On a warm November day in lovely San Diego, we set out to capture everything Lorna & Neil. They started off at the Bahia Resort Hotel, full of laughter and excitement for what was to come. Neil was in good hands with his trusty groomsmen, and Lorna was waited on hand and foot by her faithful bridesmaids. After a beautiful ceremony at the St. Brigid Catholic Church, Lorna & Neil and a couple hundred of their closest family and friends celebrated the night away. Here are some of our favorite images from their wedding.





Posted on Jan 08, 2014
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It’s always a treat when we get to shoot a wedding at Twin Oaks Garden Estate. This was the perfect venue for Kanya & Robert’s storybook wedding. Everything felt like it was part of a fairy tale; the gorgeous wedding dresses, the scattered rose petals down the aisle, an incredibly quaint bridal suite, the lush and colorful flowers, the sun gleaming through the tall trees, and the warm buzz of a big family in anticipation of the two love birds.

Posted on Dec 30, 2013
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Once we discovered that this couple was going to have their wedding at the Parker Palm Springs, it gave us an inkling of how cool Michele and Lee were going to be. They never ceased to amaze us as the weekend went on. We loved that magical moment when they first saw each other on the wedding day, as Lee stepped through the giant wooden doors to find his beautiful bride waiting for him in a big grassy field. They ramped it up with an even more romantic and elegant garden ceremony, I swear I wasn’t crying (actually it was my allergies). That set the party in motion, and boy can these guys party!  We did not want to leave that night and miss being part of the great energy in the room. Here are a few of our favorites from Michele and Lee’s wedding.