Posted on Jun 04, 2012
Posted in wedding

When we first arrived at the Hotel Del Coronado, we found the soon-to-be Mrs. Caruthers relaxing with her mother and bridesmaids. The lucky groom and his wolfpack were also kicking back watching golf and telling stories. Both signs of a great day to come.

We surprised John early in the day with, what he thought was a gift from the bridal party. But instead, the stunning and glowing Aura appeared before him, catching him off guard. From that moment on, we could not help but tear up at all the warm and fuzzy feelings in the air. I’m not gonna lie, Aura and John’s personally written vows choked me up. Thank goodness Uncle Rockstar got up on stage and got us riled up again. I miss you Aura and John!

Hotel: Hotel Del Coronado
Ceremony and Reception Location: The Thursday Club
Hair by: Cheri Joyner, Hair Artist
Makeup by: Chandra Campos, Makeup Artistry
Catered by: Coast Catering
Music by: Violin Studio of James Zagami


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